Indian PM Dedicates Demonstration Reprocessing Plant
                                      Ulba-FA Completes Fuel Production Qualification Process
                                      China Approves Construction of Four New Reactors
                                      Grid Connection for Second Shin Hanul Unit
                                      US Nuclear Fusion Lab Achieves Net Energy Gain
                                      World's Biggest Nuclear Plant in Japan to Resume Path Towards Restart
                                      France and Sweden Plan Nuclear Cooperation
                                      First Waste Received by New Sellafield Transfer Facility
                                      Installation of Lianjiang 1 Containment Starts
                                      The 14th Nuclear New Build Summit (NNBS 2023) was successfully held in Haiyan, Zhejiang from December 7th to 8th
                                      Indian Reactor Reaches First Criticality
                                      UK's New Hinkley Nuclear Plant Reaches Milestone
                                      China Develops Fast Reactor Used Fuel Container
                                      NRC Approves Hermes Construction Permit
                                      Akkuyu Unit 1 Gets Commissioning Permit
                                      Large module installed at Lianjiang 1
                                      Second Large Polish Nuclear Plant Gets Approval
                                      Chinese Long-Distance Nuclear Heating Project Begins Operation
                                      First Refuelling at Floating Nuclear Power Plant
                                      IAEA finds commitment to safety at Russian fast reactor
                                      Last Fuel Assembly Unloaded at Kursk Unit 1
                                      MEPs Fully Include Nuclear in Net-Zero Industry Act
                                      Reactor Vessel Delivered to Kursk II's Second Unit
                                      UK 'Should Emulate South Korea' on New Nuclear
                                      Work on Xudabao Unit 1 Gets Under Way
                                      Permit Granted for Construction of Eighth Leningrad Unit
                                      Construction Schedule Agreed for Paks Ii in Hungary
                                      Foundation in Place for First Mega Cooling Tower at Lianjiang
                                      Rosatom approved design of reactor for small ground-based NPP
                                      Akkuyu 3 Reactor Pressure Vessel Delivered
                                      IAEA Assesses Kazakh Plant Site Selection Process
                                      Westinghouse Acquisition Completed
                                      Containment Shell in Place for Chinese SMR
                                      South Ukraine Unit 1 Gets 10-Year Extension
                                      Cold Testing Completed at First Zhangzhou Unit
                                      Second Belarus Unit Enters Commercial Operation
                                      Japan and U.S.-Based Terrapower Expand SFR Development Partnership to Support Carbon Neutrality Efforts
                                      CNEA and Nucleoeléctrica Sign Carem SMR Agreement
                                      Poland's Pomerania Backs Proposed Nuclear Plant Location
                                      CNSC Renews Licences for Cameco Uranium Operations
                                      Safety Systems Tests at Kursk II
                                      Fuel Loading Begins at Kakrapar 4
                                      Bruce Power to Start Impact Assessment Process for Bruce C
                                      Westinghouse signs Bulgaria supplier MoUs
                                      Orano to Expand Capacity of French Enrichment Plant
                                      European Council Agrees Stance on Electricity Market Reform
                                      Russia and Belarus Radioactive Waste Disposal Agreement
                                      Mochovce 3 Successfully Completes Commissioning Process
                                      Indian Point NY Plant Moves Spent Nuclear Fuel to Dry Cask Storage
                                      Floating Nuclear Power Plant Set for First Refuelling
                                      Franco-Mongolian Protocol Lays Foundations for Uranium Project
                                      Enrichment Operations Start at US Haleu Plant
                                      Nuclear Energy Firm Newcleo, Tosto Team Up on Lead-Cooled Fast Reactors
                                      Vogtle 4 start-up moved to 2024
                                      Egypt's First Nuclear Unit Has Core Catcher Installed
                                      New Slovak Reactor Reaches Full Power
                                      Hot Testing Starts of Second CGN Hualong One Unit
                                      Outer Containment Dome in Place at Rooppur 2
                                      Milestone in Restoration of Zorita Plant Site
                                      Temelín Switching to 18-Month Fuel Cycle
                                      Fuel Removed From First Hunterston B Reactor
                                      Rooppur 2 Outer Dome Progress, Nuclear Fuel Set for October Delivery
                                      Japan's Takahama 2 Reactor Restarts After 12 Years
                                      Bruce 6 Re-Enters Commercial Operation
                                      China, ASEAN Enhance Cooperation on Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Technology
                                      The 10th International Nuclear Power Operations and Maintenance Conference (INPOM 2023) was successfully held in Shanghai from September 6th to 8th
                                      BWXT to Evaluate Microreactor Deployment in Wyoming
                                      Palisades Restart Takes 'Giant Step' With Holtec-Wolverine Deal
                                      Instance Architects Plans Europe's First Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Plant
                                      Landmark Module Installation at Sanmen 4
                                      Russia' Lavrov Assures Bangladesh to Complete Nuclear Power Plant on Time
                                      Kazakh People to Decide on Nuclear Plant Construction
                                      Permit Issued for Construction of Fourth Egyptian Unit
                                      Atucha II Returns to Service After Completing Repairs
                                      Egypt Gives Approval for Fourth Unit of Dabaa Nuclear Plant
                                      Westinghouse Expands Fuel Offerings of Columbia Plant
                                      Xcel Gets Approval to Expand Used Fuel Storage at Monticello
                                      Saudi Arabia Eyes Chinese Bid for Nuclear Plant - WSJ
                                      Grafenrheinfeld Reaches New Decommissioning Milestone
                                      Studsvik Considers SMR Deployment at Nyköping Site
                                      Construction of Second Russian Deconversion Plant Progresses
                                      IP3, GEP Team Up for Surry Green Energy Center
                                      Tricastin 1 Cleared for Ten More Years
                                      Hydro-Québec Mulls Gentilly 2 Recommissioning
                                      Rosatom Installs Eight Heat Exchangers of Passive Heat Removal System at Rooppur NPP Unit 1
                                      TVEL Delivers First Batch of Fuel for Rooppur
                                      Core Module Installed at Chinese SMR
                                      Foundation Slab Completed at Akkuyu 4
                                      T-Pylons in Place in Hinkley Point C Connection
                                      Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Plant's Output Exceeds 60 BN KW/H
                                      South Africa's Necsa and Russia's Tvel Sign Nuclear Fuel MoU
                                      Terrapower Selects Suppliers for Natrium Demo Project
                                      First Part of Idaho SMR Licence Application Submitted
                                      China Approves Six Nuclear Reactors at $17 Billion Investment
                                      Vogtle 3 Begins Commercial Operation
                                      UK Funding Seeks to Speed Up Sizewell C Development
                                      Binding Agreement on Belgian Reactor Operations Due in October
                                      Bugey Chosen to Host Two EPR2 Reactors
                                      Skanska Collaborates With SKB on Repository Expansion
                                      Kozloduy Applies to Use Westinghouse Fuel in Unit 5
                                      Nuclear IT Series Nuclear New Build Series
                                      Nuclear O&M Series Nuclear Material Series
                                      Nuclear Emergency & Safety Series
                                      Nuclear Fuel Cycling& Decomm Series
                                      Nuclear Finance,Insurance & Regulation Series
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